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Rules of the Road receives an update!

Rules of the Road has recently been updated to include Spanish & English subtitles. The entire state-by-state driving requirements index has been updated to reflect changes in state laws. We’ve also included a printable “Learning Guide” in PDF format. Just pop the DVD into your computer’s DVD-Drive to access.

The cover received a make-over which also prompted us to do a little touching up on the website as well. Enjoy!

“Choose Safety”: St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes feature article about Rules of the Road

On September 2nd, 2003, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote a featured article about Rules of the Road, the story of its creator, and the impact its having on teens.

NPR features Rules of the Road

On June 3rd, 2003, NPR’s St. Louis affiliate, KWMU 90.7, featured Rules of the Road and its creator, Jamie Salvatori, on the show “St. Louis on the Air”. You can read up on the discussion and listen to the broadcast.

NBC news does a feature story on Rules of the Road

On May 1st, 2003, NBC news decided to run a story about the teenager who nearly lost his life in a car accident and decided to do something about it. Rules of the Road creator, Jamie Salvatori, is interviewed and featured in this story.

“1/2 (out of 4 stars)

“A near-fatal auto accident prompted college student Jamie Salvatori to create Rules of the Road, an educational program aimed at helping teens become better drivers that not only serves as a practical hands-on driver’s education course but also makes full use of DVD technology to provide multi-angle 3-D angle graphic options, interactive menus and quizzes, and a virtual driver feature.

The topics include a basic overview, city and residential driving, highway driving, safety suggestions for normal and hazardous conditions, tips for passing the driving exam, and cautionary remarks about drugs and alcohol. Additional features include basic maintenance info (tire changing, jumpstarting, etc.), a database of signs and signals, state by state requirements, and pointers for what to do in case of an accident.

Sporting high quality production values, “virtual” features that will appeal to teens, and a wealth of useful information and resources, this is at top-notch aid for new drivers, and provides a good review for the rest of us. Highly recommended.”

L. Stevens
Video Librarian Magazine
Vol. 17, No. 4 (July-August 2002)

Rules of the Road is a wonderful tool for novice drivers.

Seven instruction sections cover driving basics, city and residential driving, highway driving, the driver exam, safety tips, hazardous conditions, and drug and alcohol awareness. Each segment is comprehensive and readily understandable.

An appropriately diverse group of young actors and actresses present driving instruction in a good-humored, informative manner. Examples of the wrong things to do as well as the correct things are provided. There is, of course, the buffoonish, now-it-all father whose driving is not what it should be and whose instruction is suspect. The slick kid who knows everything is shown taking his driver’s test, revealing that he needs much more practice.

Additional features on the DVD include a section on basic auto maintenance and road signs. The State-to-State Driving Requirements index makes the DVD extremely useful. The use of 3-D illustrations helps to ensure that student drivers understand the concept being taught. The virtual driver puts viewers in the driver seat and checks their awareness as a driver. Corporal John Parish of the Missouri Highway Patrol provides commentary and advice about a variety of driving topics. This is bound to be extremely popular with the just-about-to-drive set. The program is accessible, informative, well-organized, and entertaining, and eminently suitable for both school and public libraries.

Mike Brown, Bowie High School, MD
School Library Journal (March 2003)

“We Applaud You”

“Thank you for allowing us to preview your new interactive educational DVD called “Rules of the Road.” It certainly attests to your serious effort, organizational and technical prowess invested in this DVD for the purpose of addressing the significant issues involving new drivers and their need for knowledge and a safety attitude.”

…”Needless to say, you have a product that is top caliber and right-on-time…Again, thank you for making us aware of a program which addresses such critical needs of our new drivers. We applaud you and trust you the BEST.”

–Joan M. Kurts, Supervising DIA
Driver Education & Improvement Unit
Motor Vehicle Services
State of New Jersey
Department of Transportation
Division of Motor Vehicles

View the letter from the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles

“Excellent tool for instructors to use”

“In review of “Rules of the Road”, I thought it was an excellent tool for instructors to use, especially one that the students would be interested in. The video depicts a realistic view of the traffic scene that students will have when operating a motor vehicle. Providing visuals to students is an effective learning tool, along with the presentation of driving simulations that encourage student interaction.

“Rules of the Road” can be a beneficial instructional tool to use in driver education classrooms and the office of driver education is pleased to include this interactive DVD on our driver education resource list.”

Deb Carlson
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Driver Education Coordinator

View the letter from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

“Jeff pulled into the parking spot perfectly the first time”

“We went to church a couple of weeks ago and Jeff pulled into the parking spot perfectly the first time. In the past the parking lot had been a ten minute ordeal. He credited your video for giving him a better understanding of when to turn and where to be. He couldn’t believe how easy it was after seeing the video. He actually told me I should watch it to have a better understanding of parking.” — M. Spencer

“The tips in your program on skidding could have prevented this terrifying experience.”

“Several years ago I was in a bad accident. I was driving in the rain and as I went to turn my car skidded off the road and rolled into a rushing creek. I was trapped upside down and water began to lap at my feet. Luckily, a passerby came to my rescue and I escaped unscathed, but shaken. The tips in your program on skidding could have prevented this terrifying experience.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                — A. Sexton
owner of single black pearl choker store

“Our sons have looked at it and are impressed.”

“Just letting you know we received our order. Our sons have looked at it
and are impressed. We will all enjoy it. Thank you very much.” —Linda R., CA.

“Any parent who has a child that is about to learn how to drive should pick up a copy of Rules Of The Road.”

“The company does some real good things with DVD production. They hire out their services and make up a few of their own DVD productions. I just got a chance to view the latest effort of Jumby Bay Studios. It is a driver’s training interactive DVD program. The title of the program is Rules Of The Road.

…One of the reasons that I was anxious to check Rules Of The Road was personal. I have a son who turns 14 within a few days. We live in Kansas and Josh will be eligible to get his learner’s permit at that time. I thought that in addition to going through the Driver’s Handbook, Josh might get some incentive and learn some tips from the Rules Of The Road program. But first I had to check it out and see if the program was worth Josh looking at. I decided that this would this be a great program for Josh. I have even recommended it to a couple of my friends who has children learning to drive.

..One of the good things about this DVD production is that it uses youth actors in the leading roles.

..Any parent who has a child that is about to learn how to drive should pick up a copy of Rules Of The Road. It has a whole bunch of information packed into a single disc DVD learning experience.” —B.Stiers

“Since that day I’ve wanted to help create a program to keep teens safe.”

“On April 2, 1999 I woke up as the car I was travelling in careened off the road and towards a telephone pole. I watched helplessly in adrenaline-induced slow motion from the backseat of the car. The driver was asleep. My scream awoke him in time to yank the wheel causing the car to whip across three lanes of traffic, roll violently several times, and crash to a halt on the side of the highway.

The ambulance arrived to find a car upside down, wheels spinning, horn blaring, and smoke flying. The nurses at the hospital said we all should have died. Somehow, we all survived with few serious injuries.

Since that day I’ve wanted to help create a program to keep teens safe. It had to be effective. It had to be entertaining. It had to be educational and it had to be of a high technical quality”. — Jamie Salvatori, The Rules of the Road Staff