Frequently Asked Questions about The Rules of the Road

Are your transactions secure?

Yes, we offer industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption.

If I buy the Rules of the Road and don’t like it, can I send it back?

Yes, we offer a 15-day money-back (purchase price only) guarantee if you buy directly from us. If you buy from Amazon.com, you will have to follow their specific return policy.

Does this program require a steering wheel (i.e. Thrustmaster)?

No, this program is an interactive instructional DVD that is designed to work on any DVD player. No special equipment is needed.

Can I buy this program with a purchase order?

Yes, Jumby Bay Studios accepts purchase orders. Our contact info:

Jumby Bay Studios
11783 Borman Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

Can I buy this program with a check?

Yes, please send the check to:

Jumby Bay Studios
11783 Borman Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

What are the minimum requirements to use this program on a computer?

The minimum requirements for operation on a computer are the same as for any other DVD. If you own a computer with a DVD-ROM drive and you are able to watch movies, then the Rules of the Road will operate correctly.

Is there a CD-ROM version of this product?

No, this program is designed specifically for the DVD format and can only be played in DVD players or DVD-equipped computers.

Do I need a computer to use “The Rules of the Road” DVD?

No. A set top player that you connect to your television is capable of all handling all the features of this product.

Does this program cover information for my state?

Yes, this program contains a State-by-State requirements list outlining important information for all 50 states.

What does “multiple angles” mean?

The DVD format allows the creators of DVD programs to create sections of a program which can be viewed from multiple angles. We simply shoot the same scene from up to 9 different angles, employ a little computer magic, and suddenly the user can instantly switch between angles of the same scene by pressing the “angle” button on their DVD remote control. This is a feature that only exists on DVD.

Angle 1 of 2
View the QuickTime movie
Angle 2 of 2
View the QuickTime movie

What do you mean by “3D Illustration”?

Throughout this program we’ve included 3D illustrations of 9 common driving manuevers and rules. These illustrations were created by a graphic artist and photorealistically rendered by a computer. These 3D animations were created using the same programs and techniques that created such movies as “Toy Story” and “Shrek”.

View the QuickTime movie

Will a PS2 or Microsoft XBox play “The Rules of the Road DVD”?

Any device that can play DVD movies can play “The Rules of the Road DVD”. PlayStation 2’s are shipped with the ability to play movies. Microsoft’s XBox requires that a specific DVD remote is purchased to watch DVD movies.

What is Jumby Bay Studios?

Jumby Bay Studios is the production company which created The Rules of the Road.

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