Rules of the Road DVD: Program Overview

Aaron, Elizabeth, Alex, and Jon guide your teen through seven interactive lessons.

Seven Interactive Lessons
These seven sections are the heart of the program. They include:

  1. Driving Basics
  2. City and Residential Driving
  3. The Driver’s Exam
  4. Highway Driving
  5. Safety Tips for Normal Conditions
  6. Hazardous Conditions
  7. Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Screen-tip Tool bar: Helpful hints are written out across the screen to reinforce the lesson being taught.
Multiple choice quizzes help prepare your teen for the written and driving exams.

Special Features

The “Show Me More” icon provides just-in-time instruction.
A mixture of live-action and 3D graphics help teach nine of the trickiest driving maneuvers. They are accessible through both the special features menu and during the program when the “Show Me More” icon appears.


Instantly switch between viewpoints by clicking the “angle” button on your DVD remote.