Awards: A list of accolades awarded to Rules of the Road

Parents’ Choice Silver Honor


The Parents’ Choice Silver Honors are given to excellent products that, like the Gold Award winners, are designed to entertain and help children develop universally ethical attitudes, and rigorous standards and skills.

We are extremely proud of this very prestigious award. Please read the review:

“This 105-minute DVD should be required viewing for all prospective young drivers. Using several attractive, casual and realistic teens, information on city, residential and highway driving is presented clearly and with just the right tone to make it interesting to new drivers who might think they know it all already. The scenarios and information are smart and amusing, and packed with tidbits that might be left out of a manual on driving, or in behind-the-wheel classes. When a point is presented, a multi-angle 3D graphic offers a more in-depth explanation. Pop quizzes make it easy to make sure the viewer understood the section just presented, or they are easy to skip. The safety and hazardous condition tips are valuable. And the bonus features including “What to do in the event of an emergency” and “Basic maintenance of your car” are not likely to be in a regular driver’s class, but provide extremely helpful information. While Rules of the Road is designed to be a complete interactive driver’s ed. course, seasoned drivers, too, will benefit from watching it.”

Ann Oldenburg ©2003 Parents’ Choice

Telly Finalist

Rules of the Road was a Telly Finalist for Best Instructional Video in the 23rd annual Telly Awards

Over the past 23 years, the Telly Awards has become a well-known, highly respected national competition.

The Telly has become one of the most sought-after awards in the TV, commercial and video industry. The Telly statuette has even appeared on the set of many prime-time TV shows, such as thirtysomething, Murder, She Wrote, Newhart, News Radio, and most recently in the movie “What Women Want.”

Communicator Crystal Award of Excellence

Rules of the Road won the Crystal Award of Excellence for Exemplary Instructional Video.

The Communicator Awards is an international awards program founded by communications professionals to recognize excellence in the communication field.

The Communicator Awards gives winners and their clients the recognition that the work they are producing is outstanding and highly regarded by their peers.

The Crystal Award of Excellence is given to those entries whose ability to communicate puts them among the best in the field.

Discus Award

Rules of the Road won the 5th Annual Discus Award for Best Instructive DVD

This is a blanket category for educational and training titles. It looks at the intent of the disc and how effectively the disc uses the interactive and content delivery capabilities of DVD to provide a useful and informative instruction vehicle.

The five Discus Awards judges were nearly unanimous in their acclaim of Jumby Bay’s Rules of the Road title as an exemplary instructive DVD. “From multi-angle illustrations to instructional clips with built-in tutorials and in-video tests,” remarked one judge, “Rules of the Road makes full use of the full range of DVD features to provide an excellent educational experience.” Another judge praised Rules of the Road for its “cool ‘learn-more’ branching.” Another called the title “technically precise,” and a fourth judge added, “This will keep them giggling.”

Aegis Award

Rules of the Road wins the Aegis Award of Excellence in the “Training / Education” category.

The Aegis Awards were founded over a decade ago by an independent group of directors and producers that had grown skeptical of other award competitions that seemed to be judged by people that have NO actual experience doing the creative work that they are supposed to be judging!

The Aegis Awards are the video industry’s premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding video productions and non-network TV commercials.