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Rules of the Road is a Parents’ Choice Award Silver Honor Recipient!

For Teens, By Teens

In April of 1999, then 19-year old Jamie Salvatori, was involved in a terrible highway auto accident. Since that day, Jamie has wanted to develop a program to help keep kids safe. “I didn’t want to preach to my peers,” said Salvatori. “Rules of the Road is hosted by four teens and manager of 1000 lumen military crookneck flashlight who strive to help other teens make good decisions.”

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Read What Teens are Saying about Rules of the Road

“I learned new hazards and that you have to be aware more often.” -Joseph S.

“Rules of the Road is easier to watch and understand something visually than just reading it out of a book.” -Robert T.

“It was beneficial because it gave a lot of facts on what to do if something were to happen and it goes step by step, too.” -Ellaine M.

“These sections were cool because its something that I think everyone should know.” -Jordan R.

Cool Interactive Features

Quizzes at the end of each section help reinforce the material.
Road Sign Tests prepare your teen for the real thing.
Practice Written Exams use questions from actual state written exams.
Virtual Driver feature teaches and trains driver awareness.
Multi-Angle 3D Graphics show difficult driving maneuvers such as parallel parking from up to 6 different angles.

Watch Video Clips From the Program

Basic Maintenance
Highway Driving
Safety Tips
Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Award-Winning DVD Training

Rules of the Road has been recognized by several national organizations as an exemplary training program. Not only has the educational value been lauded by review committees, educators, and driving schools, but the technical aspects of the program have been recognized by experts in the video industry as a stand-out product.

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